Tridasha is a next-generation E-Commerce platform enabling entrepreneurs to build a solid digital ecosystem. With Tridasha you get the finest of services to build, manage and grow your business. Our target is to equip businesses with a flexible and innovative e-commerce platform to build, deliver, and improve shopping experiences non-stop.

Core Features


List your products and flaunt them to the world to show what firepower you have got! List as many products as you want. Give unique catchy descriptions that catch the attention of your customers and tempt them to have it.

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Segregate your products into collections according to the theme, style, or occasion. Your customers now need not browse through your whole store to look for a particular product they can directly go to collections and find it along with similar products.


Make beautiful attractive catalogs for your products that tell your brand’s story in a way that your brand steals the show. At Tridasha, you have got a lot of customization, theme, and privacy options, all easily accessible and applicable.

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Complications in maintaining large inventory data and managing it are the talk of the past. We bring you a simple and easy solution to manage inventory of different products at different locations within a few minutes by sitting in one place.

Online Store

Store Features

Payment Gateway

We have integrated ICICI Razorpay and PayPal as our payment gateway solutions for domestic and international transactions respectively. These two are one of the bests in business in carrying out transactions safely and smoothly.

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Manage your orders from one place and with a few clicks. It’s easy, effortless, and simple to maintain orders and update their status directly through your store’s dashboard. Tridasha makes all the order details available in one place!


 Define shipping rules the way you want them to be. Tridasha gives you an option to set shipping rules for a particular city, country, and even a pin code, or also set a general shipping rate for all orders irrespective of the delivery location.

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Offers and discounts are the main factors, a customer shows interest in exploring/buying your products. Schedule a sale, generate coupon code discounts during checkouts, or define rules for automatic discounts through your online store’s dashboard in no time.

Advanced Features

Users and Teams

Define and manage users and arrange them into teams quickly with Tridasha. You can also define the roles of the users to manage their access to modules for which the particular user is responsible. You can also get your suppliers onboarded!

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Managing and adding customer details in your Tridasha store is a cakewalk as it only takes seconds. Everyone who makes a purchase from your online store automatically gets added to the customer database and you can also add customers manually.


Rank your score higher in Google searches and with advanced analytics tools make the customers reach the right place i.e., your store, to look for the product they want. Track engagement and gain insights on how to improve personalized customer experience.

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CRM and Analytics collectively make a powerful duo. As a part of analytics, use insights to understand behavior on your site and through CRM encourage the customers to come back to your store by curating personalized experiences for every customer.