Transforming enterprises into data-driven organizations 

Tailor-made solutions built using enterprise data tools

Tailor-made solutions that use the best-in-class enterprise data tools to help enable your transformation into a data-driven organization. 

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Your Data 

Master Data

Transactional Data

Analytics Data

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Your Data

Gather Insights

Send Notifications

Trigger Events

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Implement Workflows

Automate Approvals Execute Tasks


Integrate Data

Integrate Services

Integrate APIs

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Our Offerings

A technology service provider focused on catering to the complex digitization and automation needs of startups and enterprises.

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Master Data Management

MDM works as a centralized hub for all your organization's people, places, and things that can be represented in a single master record created by combining data. We use the MDM module to power all other modules behind the scenes.


Automations Engine works like a hub and smoothly integrates your applications to produce unified digital experiences. We have a strong foundation and can integrate a variety of systems like Product Information Management (PIM), Point of Sale (POS), and CRM.

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360° Customization

We help you customize every aspect of your application from the user interface to your middleware, database and the API layer

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Analytics Platform gathers, transforms, and analyzes data across all applications. Users can combine a group of reports into dashboards for simple distribution. It also allows users to build reports based on integration with machine learning systems.

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Topera Sourcing

EKAYAA built our complete B2B portfolio and interactive folio website on their TRIDASHA platform.

The Renal Project

Highly recommend EKAYAA; understanding user requirements is crucial, and the EKAYAA team nails it.

Healium Cosmetics

Overall, as a newly launched business, the professional team at EKAYAA made it easy to adopt the platform.

Our Customers

We have worked with Health-tech Startups, Sourcing Companies, and D2C brands and helped them implement Master Data Management, Analytics, Portfolio Management, and E-commerce projects.

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