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Your Data

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Complex Workflows

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Our Offerings

A technology service provider focused on catering to the complex digitization and automation needs of startups and enterprises.

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Master Data Management

MDM works as a centralized hub for all your organization's people, places, and things that can be represented in a single master record created by combining data. We use the MDM module to power all other modules behind the scenes.


Automations Engine works like a hub and smoothly integrates your applications to produce unified digital experiences. We have a strong foundation and can integrate a variety of systems like Product Information Management (PIM), Point of Sale (POS), and CRM.

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Analytics Platform gathers, transforms, and analyzes data across all applications. Users can combine a group of reports into dashboards for simple distribution. It also allows users to build reports based on integration with machine learning systems.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM treats customers as first-class citizens across your applications and captures all your customer interactions in one place. It ​​comes with built-in features that help businesses automate repetitive interactions. Grow an unlimited database of contacts and organizations across applications.

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User Access Management

UAM centralizes the management of users and their access levels for users across applications. Lets administrators authorize who has rights to access specific applications, giving you full control and visibility over access to applications centrally.

360° Customization Ready

We provide total freedom when it comes to customizing your application may it be a web app or android app, plugins for features, automations combined with CRM, customer engagement, gathering insights, etc. or integrating APIs

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Balzing Fast

Our cloud-native offering has a mix of the in-memory grid, serverless automations, and a resilient graph database that makes your integrations blazing fast and fail-proof.  A highly performant platform that delivers all your apps, images, and static content instantly.

Taru Sharma

Topera Sourcing

EKAYAA built our B2B website on their TRIDASHA platform keeping in mind the needs of our international client

Name withheld on request

Tech-enabled Healthcare Startup

Highly recommend EKAYAA; understanding user requirements is crucial, and the EKAYAA team nails it.

Lalitha Sivakaumar

Healium Cosmetics

EKAYAA built our blazing-fast D2C store on their TRIDASHA platform with a completely customized look and feel.

Our Customers

We cater to a wide variety of industries from healthcare to lifestyle.

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