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A next-generation PIM & E-Commerce platform that helps you build a solid digital ecosystem


Product Syndication

A+ / Enhanced Brand Content

Interactive Catalogs

Websites & Landing Pages

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D2C and B2B Stores

Locations & Inventory

Offers & Shipping

Analytics & Automations



A digital ecosystem for all your applications, data intelligence & integrations

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Enterprise Data Platform

Build your web and mobile applications with ease using our state-of-the-art low-code enterprise data platform or simply connect all your existing applications and centralize all your data.

Out-of-the-box standard data management APIs. Build and deploy custom APIs with ease.

Can be deployed on GCP, AWS, Linode, and more

Data Intelligence & Analytics

Built-in Data Intelligence & Analytics that helps you define and build customized insights and reports for your entire application ecosystem.

Create & connect Dashboards with custom charts and scorecards.

Collect, ingest and transform data in just a few clicks.

Ingest & Transform Data to build and connect ML models.

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Automations & Integrations

Powerful automations, integrations & workflows across all your third-party or custom-built applications.

Build powerful integration workflows complete with tracking and logs.

Create powerful workflows that manage complicated user processes.

Send notifications via Email, SMS & Whatsapp.

360° customization ready

Build Custom Apps that run on our enterprise backend platform.

Integrate & Extend features across applications.

Capture custom events, and automate integrations and workflows.

Integrate existing applications and extend their API capabilities.

Create & Connect Platform APIs for all your applications.

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Topera Sourcing

EKAYAA built our complete B2B portfolio and interactive folio website on their TRIDASHA platform.

The Renal Project

Highly recommend EKAYAA; understanding user requirements is crucial, and the EKAYAA team nails it.

Healium Cosmetics

Overall, as a newly launched business, the professional team at EKAYAA made it easy to adopt the platform.

Our Customers

We have worked with Health-tech Startups, Sourcing Companies, and D2C brands and helped them implement Master Data Management, Analytics, Portfolio Management, and E-commerce projects.

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