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Empowering a new-age healthcare startup with all the tools and tech, they need to push them to the next level.

How are we helping?

Quality Inspection

For quality inspection of their centers, our easy-to-use app enables quality inspectors to submit a meticulously designed inspection questionnaire. These inspections capture meaningful metrics from the inspection data and feed it to the analytics engine. 

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The use of advanced analytical tools helps us track the performance of their centers. It helps in keeping a check on whether the centers are working on improving customer experience over time. We use Analytics & BI with a variety of meaningful charts that can be visualized over a timeline.


CRM and MDM go hand in hand to handle all interactions between staff, doctors, partner hospitals, and customers. It helps maintain everyone's contact and connect with anyone in no time with the use of people master data and customer master data.

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Warehousing is the process of storing consumables that are to be distributed later. Warehousing is supported by strong MDM tools to fetch and maintain data on the consumables. Most medicines are stored in the warehouses which are then routed to various centers. The warehousing module not only managed medicine data but also tracks the movement of the medicinies.

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Master Data Management

MDM involves creating a single master record for each person, place, or thing in a business, from across internal and external sources of data. Behind the scenes, we use the MDM module to power all other modules. From customer relationship management, and warehousing to quality inspection, MDM helps us systematically manage everything without breaking a sweat.